So what's an ethical holiday? - Go Differently
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So what’s an ethical holiday?

It’s sometimes suggested that sustainable tourism is perhaps something of an oxymoron.  As more regions and countries develop their tourism industry, the impact on natural resources and local communities is to some extent unavoidable, but the news isn’t ALL bad and it is possible have have holidays that are both ethical AND fun.

With good planning and management that actually encourages sustainable development and responsible travel, the overall negative effects of tourism can be minimised and in many instances, the “right” visitors can actually bring positive benefits to the communities with whom they come into contact.

But let’s face it – “responsible” is not one of the first words to spring to mind when we think of holidays. Exotic, adventurous, exciting, fun… these are the kind of adjectives we like to use to describe our travels around the world and indeed, that’s exactly what fulfilling holidays are all about, but these days many of us recognise that we also have a responsibility to the places we visit and the people we meet. Fortunately, however, being responsible doesn’t have to mean boring – and can actually mean getting more out of your travels, whilst also giving a little bit back.

That’s what at Go Differently mean by an ethical holiday… and whilst we certainly make no claims of being perfect, whether it’s offering the opportunity to volunteer with responsibly-run local projects, employing local guides (and paying them a fair wage) or picking locally-owned hotels or resorts where the owners really care about their staff… we’ll always do our best to help ensure that your vacation is as ethical as possible.

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