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Angkor Wat – Jungle Atlantis

The BBC has a reputation for its outstanding documentaries and their recent two-part series featuring the jungle temple of Angkor Wat is certainly no exception.

A thousand years ago the Khmer people of Cambodia built an empire that stretched a million square kilometers. It became the largest superpower the region has ever seen. Their capital was the great city of Angkor, once the largest city on earth. Its centrepiece was Angkor Wat – a vast temple complex covering an area more than four times the size of Vatican City.

But 600 years ago the Khmer kings abandoned their capital and many of the huge structures they built were devoured by the jungle. Ever since, the people who once lived around the temples have remained an enigma. Little is known about the kings who secured their vast empire or how they constructed the wonders of Angkor Wat.

If you missed it first time around, catch it while it’s still available on BBCi here.

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