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Want to do something a little bit different on your holiday? Tell Me More

Sometimes it isn’t the destination that’s as important as what you can DO when you get there.



If it matters to you what impact your visit has on the people and the destination(s) you’re visiting, then you’ve come to the right place. We certainly don’t claim to get it right all of the time but we do the best we can… and whether you’re spending two weeks volunteering, touring the country or relaxing on a beach… we do the hard work seeking out locally-run hotels, small NGO’s, self-employed local guides and ethical employers so that you can rest assured that wherever possible, the people providing your holiday will care as much about responsible travel as you do… and they’ll be benefiting from it too!


Volunteering isn’t just for gap year students or those with 6 months free to travel around the world. The projects we support are carefully selected to ensure that those with only a week or two to spare can still offer meaningful assistance and help to make a real difference during their stay.


Don’t want to spend your whole vacation “at work”? Would you like to explore a little more of the country you’re visiting and/or have time to relax as well as spending a few days lending a hand? Then perhaps a voluntourism holiday is for you…


Would you like to experience the native culture at first hand? If so, why not consider spending a day or so sharing the home of a local family where you’ll not only receive a warm welcome but also have the opportunity to join in with daily village life – learning how to cook local-style, going fishing, perhaps even helping out at the school or with various small-scale craft projects.